Fox Control (Centre Fire Rifle): Safety, Theory and Practice –
Level 2


Course Details

  • Title: Fox Control (Centre Fire Rifle): Safety, Theory and Practice – Level 2
  • Product Code: FIAR04X
  • Type: Training Course
  • Duration: 2 Days

When controlling pests such as foxes with a firearm, it is not only essential that the rifle is used safely and
responsibly, but also important that you are aware of all of safety rules and regulations that accompany the use of them, and that you have an awareness of wildlife management.
Our Level 2 Fox Control (Centre Fire Rifle): Safety, Theory and Practice integrated and training course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding that you need in order to use the centre fire rifle confidently and most importantly safely, but will also provide you with an understanding of relevant legislation and codes of practice relating to the control of foxes.

Who is it for?

Our two day Level 2 course in Fox Control (Centre Fire Rifle): Safety, Theory and Practice is available to you if you have some experience of firearm use and experience of wildlife management. You will also have interest in shoot management, pest control and farming.
The first day of our course will include a lamping session therefore making it a long day that will not finish until late evening.
The minimum age to enrol on this course is 17, however 16 year olds will be accepted if certain conditions are fulfilled, please refer to Lantra Awards.

What will you get from it?

  • Achieve a practical foundation for safe working practice related to sporting rifle use.
  • Understand legislation relating to the ownership and use of a sporting rifle.
  • Identify major parts of a rifle and telescopic sight, appreciate practical ballistics and carry out routine maintenance.
  • Understand current legislation and relevant codes of practice relating to the control of foxes.
  • Understand the behaviour and life history of the fox.
  • Appreciate the effective planning and application of fox control measures.
  • Appreciate the basic principles of managing and sustaining accurate shots.
  • Select and use appropriate vehicles as shooting platforms.
  • Understand basic principles of health and safety planning and risk assessment.
  • Appreciate procedures for recording control and management activity.
  • Practice appropriate land assessment techniques consistent with sporting rifle use.
  • Show proficiency in night time shot assessment and live firing range skills.

Course sessions:

  • Rifle: safe handling and use
  • Firearms legislation (sporting rifle)
  • Set-up, ballistics and maintenance
  • Fox behaviour and life history
  • Fox control – planning and application
  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Use of vehicles
  • Health and safety planning – applied risk assessment
  • Activity records and recording procedures
  • Assessing land for rifle use
  • Night shooting assessment
  • Practical range assessment

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1 day LANTRA Course No: FIAR06X