Chainsaw TrainingChainsaw Training

Chainsaw Training

August – Fell and Process Trees up to 380mm, training.



Finished training for the day and we came out of the wood to be greeted by this view!

Processing with the chainsawProcessing with the chainsaw

Processing with the chainsaw

August – Fell and Process Trees up to 380mm, training.



Beginning the felling cut. A ‘Danish Pie’ or ‘Holding Cut’.

Frontier Stove & KettleFrontier Stove & Kettle

Frontier Stove & Kettle

Refreshments in the woods

Cross CutCross Cut

Cross Cut

Demonstrating cross cutting technique.

Pole PrunerPole Pruner

Pole Pruner

A Pole Pruner for small branches that are out of reach.

Tracked WoodchipperTracked Woodchipper

Tracked Woodchipper

Brand new and ready for action at the APF 2012

Swathes of BluebellsSwathes of Bluebells

Swathes of Bluebells

A perk of the job!

First Aid TrainingFirst Aid Training

First Aid Training

Being well prepared for all eventualities

Managed WoodsManaged Woods

Managed Woods

The healthy look of natural forest management.

Delimbing a TreeDelimbing a Tree

Delimbing a Tree

Gary from Leeds Tree Services and Dan from Cut and Mow delimbing a tree on their Fell and Process Trees Over 380mm Course.

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