Video: 4×4 on Steps

Land Rover Discovery 2 using anti-stall and off road driving techniques to climb rock steps. For more information on Off Road Driving and Winching Courses / Assessments please look at our training courses above.

Video: Winching a hung up tree

Showing how to use a winch to move a tree that’s caught up in surrounding foliage.

Video: Creating a hung up tree!

As part of a Fell and Process Trees Over 380mm course course you have to bring down a hung up tree safely.

Video: Hung up tree with a hand winch

This hung up tree on a CS32 refresher course took some getting down with a hand winch. These are the final moments!

Video: Forward leaning tree. A ‘Dogs Tooth’ needed.

A forward leaning tree done safely with a ‘Dogs Tooth’ cut. Watch how high the butt jumps when the hinge breaks. Filmed on a CS32 refresher course.

Video: Stubborn hung up tree!

When you have a tree as hung up this it’s time to take an offset approach!

Video: Hung up tree finally falls!

Final moments of a hung up tree. This took some getting down but eventually got it using a ComeUp 9.5i vehicle winch.

Video: Rolling out a hung up tree

Warren rolls out his hung up tree using a turning strap on our latest CS32 / Fell and Process Trees Over 380mm Course.

Video: Stubborn Hung Up Tree!

When you have a tree as hung up this it’s time to take an offset approach!

Video: Forwarder Assessessment

Paul from P J Taylor Forestry does his Forwarder Assessment and passes easily.

Video: Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA)

Highlighting support for improved industry safety practices and policies

Video: Processor operation

Demonstrating the processor. Thanks Paul.

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