About Us


Welcome to ScJ Training Ltd


ScJ Training Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with Tree-Tech Ltd. Based in East Yorkshire we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide to clients, ensuring that everyone feels part of the ‘Royal We’. We provide training to both individuals and businesses, either at your premises or our sites depending on the type of course and your requirements.

Sam Jones and Paul Peacock, owners and directors of ScJ Training Ltd have over 50 years combined experience of training and working within the agricultural, forestry, arboricultural, health and safety / First Aid sectors.

We are both, Lantra Awards and City & Guilds (NPTC) approved instructors and assessors. Sam is also an approved instructor / assessor for Qualsafe Awards, CIEH, and IOSH.

ScJ Training Ltd has it’s own sites in Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and the North East, although training / assessing work can be conducted throughout the UK. If necessary we can find suitable sites for the training or it can be undertaken at your own site. Courses can be delivered through Lantra Awards, City & Guilds (NPTC), Qualsafe Awards or one of our own bespoke courses. We only use Lantra Awards, City & Guilds (NPTC), Qualsafe Awards approved instructors / assessors, so we can guarantee the quality of our courses. All instructors / assessors are chosen based on the shared beliefs of Paul and Sam that the customer comes first and should be trained to the highest standard possible.

ScJ Training Ltd is a Lantra and Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre. In the main we use Lincolnshire Proficiency Tests Committee as our approved City & Guilds Assessment Centre however, we do work with other centres as required.

We can arrange your complete training package including assessments either at your premises or at suitable sites depending upon the type of course and your requirements.

There are many reasons why people / organisations choose to train or work with ScJ Training Ltd:

Expertise: The key here is not just practical experience but the skill to train people from varied backgrounds in a way that is most effective for their learning style. Some people can have difficulty in getting to grips with new techniques – we will help you through the process and do our best to achieve a successful outcome.

Workload: Many organisations take on too much work leading to a slow response time and inattention to detail. ScJ Training Ltd prides itself on the personal service we provide to customers, making you feel part of the ‘Royal We’. We respond to emails, return phone calls and keep you informed as to how things are progressing whilst adopting a flexible working approach to suit your needs and available time.

Honesty: At ScJ Training Ltd, Paul and Sam pride themselves on their honesty and clear advice. We will provide advice on the different courses available and try to find a course that is totally suited to your needs.