Course description:

Woodchippers are an important machine for any tree surgery operation as they reduce the volume of waste that needs to be taken away from sites by around 90%.

Woodchippers can be self propelled, on tracks, mounted on tractors or trailed behind a towing vehicle. They come in a variety of sizes and some are even specially designed to fit down small garden paths.

Woodchippers can produce useful product from what is essentially waste. Brushwood can be chipped and turned into woodchip that can be used as garden mulch or even for wood fuel if the initial timber is suitable.

Common chippers have capacities of 6” to 10” branch diameter and can chip at a rate of 1 foot per second. Capacities like these are obviously potentially dangerous to the operator and therefore training is essential.


This 1 day course covers:

  • Site safety, Risk Assessment & Emergency Procedures at a work site,
  • HSE Legislation, safety guidelines and PPE selection,
  • Operator checks and safety features,
  • Routine operator checks and maintenance,
  • Checks and defects on blades / anvil,
  • Staring the machine, safety checks and safe stop,
  • Preparation of woodchipper and work area on site,
  • Preparation of material for chipping,
  • Woodchipping Operation,
  • Removing Blockages,
  • End uses for woodchips and hazards with woodchips,
  • Preparation of machine for transport and storage.


This course is a LANTRA ITA (Integrated Training & Assessment) course which means that the candidate is assessed during the course by the instructor and at the end of the course if they have demonstrated sufficient competence will be awarded a LANTRA certificate.

If a City & Guilds (NPTC) certificate of competence is required then this can be arranged at the end of the days training. The assessment is divided into 3 compulsory units and usually takes half a day to complete:

Unit 1 – Inspect and maintain the woodchipper,
Unit 2 – Prepare the woodchipper for operation,
Unit 3 – Operate the woodchipper.


Course Availability:

The maximum number of candidates is limited to six and courses run all year round once full. Discount is available is you provide all the candidates and course dates can be tailored to suit your requirements.


For further information, availability and pricing please contact us.

1 day LANTRA Course No. CLMC35X

Refresher course also available:




  • Everything well explained, now feel confident.–S Shrives – Lantra Awards Woodchipper Operation Course

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